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Steffen Brother's Graphite

With the new Steffen graphite, I have taken the classic Steffen tapers and adapted them to modern IM6 graphite cloth and resin. This has taken the super smooth progressive designs and made them lighter, more responsive with a faster recovery. It has also allowed me to make them in 4pc formats for convenience with one 9ft 5wt 5pc. The new material has similar flex properties to the original so the classic Steffen action that provides so much joy to cast, is still the heart of the product but now it feels modern, almost timeless, classically elegant yet fresh and exciting. These new rods, and blanks set a new benchmark in the evolution of the Steffen products.


Our Steffen Brothers rods are hand crafted in Michigan from the finest materials, including flor grade cork, anodized aluminum reel seat hardware, stabilized burl wood inserts and Snake Brand guides. Rod price includes rod bag & tube with Steffen logo. 

Rod & Blank Models - Purchase

- 8'0" 4wt 4pc (804) - Western cigar grip

- 8'0" 5wt 4pc (805) - Western cigar grip

- 8'6" 4wt 4pc (864) - Western cigar grip

- 8'6" 5wt 4pc (865)  - Western cigar grip

- 9'0" 4wt 4pc (904) - Western cigar grip

- 9'0" 5wt 5pc (905) - Full wells grip

- 9'0" 6wt 4pc (906) - Full wells grip

- 9'0" 7wt 4pc (907) - Full wells/fighting butt

8'0" Rods

The 8’ 4wt is a quick, crisp small water rod where control is everything. The fast recovery blank coupled with the shorter length makes this a great dryfly rod with a huge range for all those specialized cast you need when chasing finicky fish in clear water. It is punchy and lively and just ideal for all those tricky lies and fussy risers.

The 8’ 5wt provides much the same with the added power for a windy day and for chasing bigger fish with stronger tippets in tight quarters.

8'6" Rods

The 8’6” 4wt brings you the ideal rod to present a classic unweighted nymph or dryfly. A quick but smooth progressive taper with fast recovery, this super light blank is so intuitive you soon forget about the casting and just focus on the fish. Excelling at close-range, it can easily reach out to a rising fish at distance. This is the sweetest dry fly rod, crisp, light, very smooth and laser accurate.

The 8’6” 5wt gives you the same sort of presentation with some extra stability you might need for casting Larger bushy dries or weighted nymphs. Fantastic on technical waters where you may need to use more wiggle, hook and puddle casts, the extra beef in the butt makes these easier and more controlled. Windy days are no problem and even light saltwater work is well within the rod’s capabilities.

9'0" Rods

A 4wt is the starting point for these 9’ rods, this technical tailwater rod is a dryfly specialist with a super smooth taper and wonderfully sensitive tip. If you want to lay out a precise line to a tricky fish, then this rod will provide you the smooth casting and delicate presentation you need to get your fly in the zone. It has the backbone to play a good fish while protecting a light tippet, never losing its smoothness. Pure delight for anyone who enjoys casting and chasing large, spooky fish with a single dry.

The 9’ 5wt, is the classic all-rounder, it excels with dries on medium to large rivers but has the
versatility to throw a small streamer or nymph rig when you need. Super smooth and deceptively powerful a proper progressive action with fast recovery, this is a rod that can deal with bigger fish while retaining enough sensitivity to make any fish fun. A medium river all-rounder, that makes for a rather special, larger water dryfly rod. The unique 5pc configuration means this rod can be taken anywhere, ideal for hiding away in the trunk so you can escape for some sanity on the family holiday, or perhaps tucked in the backpack while hiking, just in case you stumble across that hidden gem where memories are made.

The 9’ 6wt is a smooth, powerful 6wt all-rounder to deal with most weather conditions, streamers, double nymphs, indicator rigs and pretty much any freshwater technique you would care to use. Gives you the edge on those larger waters where you may need to cover a bit more water. More than capable of dealing with any fish you are likely to find on the river. One rod to rule them all.

The 9’ 7wt, tuned for streamers, Bass bugs and medium/light saltwater work, this is a powerful rod, with superb tip control for making those articulated streamers swim, capable of punching a sink tip through the air or turning over a large bug when chasing Bass in snaggy water. Ideal for sight fishing Carp, the presentation is superb, so if you need to suddenly change to a small dry, you won’t feel over gunned. Equally at home on the Flats, chasing bones when you need to place a crazy Charlie in the right path while dealing with 20kts of wind. A precision tool for those chasing the Dream.

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